Onsite Course
Oct 17, 2019
Senior Friendship Centers
1820 Brother Geenen Way
Sarasota, FL 34236
Living Room
6:30-8:30 p.m.
Please call 941-556-3263 to register.
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An intimate discussion with near-death experiencers who will share their firsthand accounts of life-transforming journeys beyond our world and answer questions about their experiences.
Our panelists ~ Carol Costanzo Vengroff, Sue Lanier, Juliette Gay Jones, and Lisa Cedrone ~ will share their personal near-death experiences and discuss the impact they have had on their lives, consciousness and spiritual perspectives.


Sue Lanier and Carol Vengroff coordinate the Sarasota Group of the International Association for Near Death Studies (IANDS). To learn more about their experiences, read the October 2017 story “Sharing Near-Death Experiences” in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.

IANDS is the informational and networking center in the field of near-death studies, the first organization in the world devoted to exploring near-death and similar experiences. Members are researchers, laypeople, academics, and caregivers; experiencers and non-experiencers; professionals and the general public; from every continent but the Antarctic.

The mission of IANDS is to be the most reliable source of information in the field of near-death studies, encouraging scholarly study and the exchange of ideas about near-death, at-death and related experiences; disseminating educational information about them; serving as a common forum and community for experiencers and interested others; and facilitating the spread of knowledge to professional settings and people of all walks of life, religions, and cultures. Visit IANDS.org for more information.

According to IANDS, “a near-death experience, or NDE, is a profound psychological event with transcendental and mystical elements that may occur to a person close to death or in situations of physical or emotional crisis. Across thousands of years and in cultures around the world, NDEs follow a broad general pattern with common features. An NDE typically includes one or more of the following: a sense of leaving the body; movement, often through a tunnel; being engulfed in light or darkness; feelings of intense and indescribable love, peace and sometimes terror; perceived encounters with deceased loved ones, unfamiliar entities and/or spiritual presences; a life review; a landscape; an overpowering sense of knowledge and purpose. The effects of an NDE or related experience are often powerful, enduring, and may be life-altering.”


About Our Panelists

Carol Costanzo Vengroff
Carol Costanzo Vengroff’s spiritual journey began in France, where as a child she had a life-altering near-death experience. Her Inspirational book, My Ever After Chronicles, articulates a young girl’s narrative of her profound journey. Carol speaks at conferences, workshops, book clubs and meetings around the country. She has been a guest on radio shows, social media sites and appears in the documentary film “Back From The Light”.

Sue Lanier
Sue Lanier, LCSW, Ph.D., was born in a snowstorm and during a time of war. She was to experience near-death at age seven and again at age 40. At seven, she almost drowned and, while underwater, was bathed in extreme Peace and glistening Light of Love. At 40, she was in an automobile accident and experienced ineffable, exquisite Love and Intelligent Light. These transcendent experiences had profound aftereffects and set her life on a course toward the transpersonal.

Juliette Gay Jones
Juliette Gay Jones’ hospice patients have become some of her greatest teachers. The bedside of the dying is a sacred intersection at the edge of our physical world. In this humble setting, she has witnessed remarkable experiences. Angels deliver messages (literally), powerful synchronicities shatter weak explanations of “coincidence,” and visions reveal information the dying individual could not possibly know and which can be objectively corroborated.

Lisa Cedrone
Lisa Cedrone’s universal worldview changed following a profound near-death experience in October 2002, during which she was given the opportunity to come back to our world and finish her learning journey in this life. Now she understands that in every action we take and with every thought and emotion we generate, there is an opportunity to connect with and be guided by our higher consciousness—that expansive part of our being that integrates with the multidimensional cosmos. Lisa believes that synchronicities, those meaningful coincidences that have no rational explanation, are a sign that our totality of being has expanded into the many realms beyond physical human existence.

Lisa Cedrone currently serves as the executive director of the C. G. Jung Society of Sarasota and editor of Transformation Coaching Magazine. Prior to that, she spent 20 years as an editor/editor-in-chief for two of the Top 10 business-to-business publishers in the United States.

Date: October 17, 2019

Time: 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Course Location: Senior Friendship Centers ~ The Caregiving Place Living Room

1820 Brother Geenen Way ~ Downtown Sarasota

Price: $45 ($39 for Friendship Centers or Jung Society Members)