Juliette Gay Jones, Ph.D.


Juliette Gay Jones’ hospice patients have become some of her greatest teachers. The bedside of the dying is a sacred intersection at the edge of our physical world. In this humble setting, she has witnessed remarkable experiences. Angels deliver messages (literally), powerful synchronicities shatter weak explanations of “coincidence,” and visions reveal information the dying individual could not possibly know and which can be objectively corroborated.

Juliette grew up in Michigan where she knew every tree, rock, animal and flower in the universe of the family backyard. Early communion with the natural world triggered gnosis of our direct relationship with the cosmos, super sensory awareness and a life path filled with conscious transpersonal experience. A strong interest in the magic of theatrical arts eventually led to a Master of Fine Arts degree from Michigan State University. “The stage is a place where the invisible can appear.” She also holds a Ph.D. in Pastoral Counseling. As a writer, public speaker, New Thought Minister and clinically certified spiritual counselor serving hospice for over 20 years, she exercises her passion for research and progressive self-realization.