Carol Vengroff


Carol Costanzo Vengroff’s spiritual journey began in France, where as a child she had a life altering near-death experience. Her Inspirational book, My Ever After Chronicles, articulates a young girl’s narrative of her profound journey. Carol speaks at conferences, workshops, book clubs and meetings around the country. She has been a guest on radio shows, social media sites and appears in the documentary film “Back From The Light”.

Trained in a variety of energy healing methods including Reiki, Healing Hands International, Emotion Code, The Silva Method, Animal Communication LLC and Hawaiian Huna Science, Carol has cultivated her own unique therapeutic modalities. A staunch believer that meditation, mindfulness, physical practices and organic diet are key elements to transforming humanity, Carol champions programs that integrating these modalities, for homeless families, veterans, seniors and at risk children, in her hometown. Her most recent project is The Museum of Consciousness Inc. Inspired by intuition, guides and dreams, the purpose of this nonprofit museum is to create a one stop location for enlightened information on CONSCIOUS living. The transformational works of scientists, spiritual visionaries, scholars and artists from around the world will be, ultimately showcased under one roof.