The Friendship Centers realizes that there is a better way to approach planning and preparing the elderly for long happy lives. After 42 years of engagement, interaction, and observation, the Friendship Centers is uniquely qualified to address aging trends and emerging topics around the aging process. We believe then and now that more personalized care, and a nurturing environment enhances the qualify of life for our elderly.

Supportive Aging encompasses home delivered meals, community-based case management for homebound and frail elders. The Friendship at Home program matches lonely seniors with a friend to give them a regular call or visit and make sure they are okay. Economic security counselors provide connection to resources for those who are on the brink of financial crisis, facing eviction, utility cut-off or other life challenges. Adult day services offer safe, licensed, and loving care for frail elders who can no longer be left alone during the day while their caregivers work or conduct necessary tasks to keep their households running smoothly. Caregiver Resource Centers are just the support, education, and connection to information that weary family caregivers need to remain healthy for their loved ones.

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